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What's so Great About Chinese Art Deco Area Rugs? Let Us Count The Ways

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Although Persian rugs are still popular among rug enthusiasts, contemporary and traditional area rugs with the Chinese flair are now enjoying its time under the sun. Lately, it seems that people are utilizing more and more Chinese inspired art deco area rugs to give that extra boost of color to any room. According to some market survey, Chinese Art Deco floor designs are becoming quite popular among the younger crowd of home owners. Some high end offices are also subscribing to the Chinese art motif. So why is this so?

  1. Well, for one thing: the colors of these area rugs are extremely delicate.

    • This means that these traditional and contemporary area rugs can be placed in rooms that have an informal setting, like:

      • Children’s room

      • Drawing room

      • Entertainment or game room

      • Hallway or foyer

      • Music room

      • Reception areas,

      • Certain areas of a particular room like:

        • Underneath the kitchen eating table,

        • Path leading to any room outside the house,

        • Etc.

  2. However, there are the antique or traditional area rugs that can be somber in tone and color, and can afford a valuable yet vibrant floor piece in more formal settings. This is especially true if the room has one singular Chinese inspired motif. This works very well in:

    • Conference room

    • Formal dining area

    • Formal sitting room

    • Library

    • Etc.

  3. Most Chinese deco contemporary area rugs are wool rugs. This means that these are cheaper than most area rugs. However, if you still prefer rugs made of other fibers, you might be glad to know that there are discount area rugs with:

    • Wool blended with synthetic fibers, usually with nylon fibers

      • Which is cheaper than pure wool rug

  4. Nylon

    • Polypropylene, PPT polymer or Sorona

      • Which can be made into the most durable and stain resistant types

  5. Polyester

    • Which is probably the most inexpensive rug fiber there is

  6. Silk Fibers

  7. If you prefer the antique or traditional Chinese rugs, the designs alone can sell very well. One of the greatest reasons why Chinese art deco designs are especially sought after is that there is always something interesting to see.

    • Woven among the fibers are literal stories of elements commonly seen in nature, like:

      • Animals like birds and tigers

      • Geographical landscapes like mountains and rivers

      • Heavenly bodies like clouds and moons

      • Mythical creatures like dragons

      • Plant life like trees and flowers

  8. Other commonly seen scenarios include:

    • Chinese ideographs, and

    • Even popular scenes from Chinese mythology or history

  9. Lastly, Chinese art deco area rugs are extremely versatile.

    • Although most rugs are still very much rectangular in dimension, some manufacturers now are churning out:

      • Circular or oval dimensions – which according to Chinese tradition bring about harmony in the room.

      • Octagon – which brings a quirky yet formal feel to any room

      • Stair and Hall runners – which is perfect for those long passages or pathways that are stark and bare

      • Square rugs – which is perfect for some of the more cramped spaces, and

      • Oversized rugs – which can really enliven any floor space without the need to subscribe to wall-to-wall carpeting.


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