How To Fight The Common Cold With Peroxide

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Some say that the common cold can be fought off by inserting household hydrogen peroxide in your ears.  Those who believe this theory do the following:

1. At first sight of incoming cold symptoms, OR, if you suspect you might catch a cold because a lot of people around you have one, buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  It’s typically about $1 a bottle

2. Fill a medicine dropper or even just the lid of the peroxide bottle and pour some into an ear while your head is tilted. You’ll feel intense bubbling.  Wait until the bubbling stops (it could take a few minutes) before you let the peroxide drain onto a tissue or cotton ball.

3. Repeat the process with  your other ear. (Sometimes only one ear bubbles and experts say this may be the offending ear.)

4. Repeat this process every 4 hours for a day or two to ward off cold viruses or to shorten the cycle in the event the virus is already in your body.

The theory is that the cold virus enters the body through the ear canal and by cleaning it with peroxide, you can kill the bacteria.   Many doctors claim this is untrue and won’t do anything. Others swear by this and state that it has helped them avoid the common cold repeatedly.  A bonus is that this process removes excess wax from your ears safely.


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