Thursday, December 14

Computer Games Lag a Lot? What to Do to Remove It?

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     Lag is defined as having the screen jolt and game action being disrupted or paused becuase of your computer having to synchronise itself with others, or having to take longer to process the graphics/actions that are present in the game. Lag comes in two types- the first involves internet connection. If even one of the computers in the network has bad connection from the ISP (internet service provider), the rest will have to slow down to allow the laggy one to cope. The second involes the graphics, which can overwhelm older computers.

     The ways to stop game lagg is to stop the occurences that cause it in the first place. In current games, every action, sound, and instructions are contained in a sperate file. Bunching up those files as much as possible would allow the proccessor to not struggle as much when searching for those individual files. The tool to accomplish this task is already installed in any Microsoft Windows version- system defragment. Go to Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Defragmenter. Follow the simple instructions on the wizard.

     If games have corrupted files that may stop the game halfway through or not let you start the game, you will need to acces the registry editor located on your computer. It is a program that save ALL the registry items on your computer. You will have to either delete all the files belonging to that game and reinstalling it, or find a registry cleaner which would help patch up or fix any corrupted files.

     About the first type of lagg, there isn’t that much that can be done. The only options are to buy a better connection from your ISP, or stay clear of people that show that have high “ping” (the amount of time that takes for the computers to communicate with each other). Beyond that, there isn’t a lot more that can be done about the situation.


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