Wednesday, December 13

Reccomendations on How to Get Your Articles Noted in Triond

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     It is hard to get your articles to be noted by a lot of other people. For start, you may try to use Digg! or a similar site that will update the content for you in you socialization accounts.  You may want to write about topics that are helpful or interesting to a large group or people. Also, you need to try to make your article stand out in some way. It is a tendency shared by all humans to look at something that is slightly more “exotic” in nature, or has catchy phrases or vibrant colors.

     Another way to increase your earnings would be to get as many friends on Triond as possible. When doing so, any content you publish will appear on their main screen, and your “friends” are very likely to click on it, either to just earn you a view or to actually read the article. In either way, it benefits you. The more you network yourself with others, the better. For instance, let’s say that you managed to get 100 friends. Whenever you write an article, most (50% to be optimistic) will click on your article. That would earn you 50 cents in reward in the first few hours, just from people you stay in contact with!

      A third and also very effective and quick way to get attention by others is to post links to your articles in relevant forums. This is especially effective for gaming and technology guides. Even though you are posting relevant information, some forums would not allow you to advertise your articles on them, and  unless you find a clever way to bypass this, you should keep clear of those.

      Also, contribute as much as you can in leaving comments in others articles and in other forums. The more you contribute the more respect you will gain, and the more people will view your content, even if it is unrelated to anything they may be looking for.


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