Wednesday, December 13

How to Format a Computer (Windows Xp)-Third Steps-Reprogramming

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  After you machine has been formatted and you are shown an empty desktop free of any old programs, you will have to begin the process of restoring your data. But first, you must make sure your computer is operable again. If you play around a bit with the available functions in the start menu, you will notice that there are several key things missing. The article will get to them shortly.

     First of all, your machine has a build in operating system (BIOS). Its function is to control the primary hardware in you machine, E.X. the USB controllers. If those ports do not function, it is very likely that your BIOS is damaged (this was not a result of the format. Formatting a computer will never change the BIOS). If you have no way to input the drivers into your hard disk, you have found yourself between a very hard rock, like granite, and an even harder place, like a reinforced steel skyscraper. If there is absolutely no way to install the key drivers, you may need to need contact a professional person.

     If you are able to input the data, keep all of it in one location where it can be easily accessed, like on the main desktop. If you have no way to find out what your drivers were, download the driver detector again from and use a second computer to download them. Once everything is present, begin with the installation of windows service pack 2. The process will take 15-30 minutes. Once it has been completed, install Microsoft .NEI 2.0

     Once that has also been installed, the next step would be to your Direct X version. To do this, go to start menu-run- and type in dxdiag (short for Direct X diagnose). The system will display different information statuses about the computer, but you will need to look at the bottom  line for Direct X. If the version currently installed is 9.1c or higher, you will not need to install your copy. If it is not, process with the installation of what you inputted on the computer.

     The next important thing to install would be either the wireless driver or Ethernet controller, in order to begin reconnecting to the Internet and thus downloading the rest of your needed programs. After this installation, your computer will be good to go.

    Note- do not discard of your drives until your computer is in perfect shape, as you may need to use them again.

    Note- the article did not provide instructions on how to install specific drivers, since each computer has different versions of the same hardware

     Formatting a computer is an easy and not time consuming task, since it doesn’t require constant attention, and if your computer turns off, you will be able to pick up from right where you left off.  The entire process takes 3-5 hours, and it is recommended to be done at regular intervals in order to ensure the safety of your personal data.

      I hope that this guide will help, since I found no descriptive guides myself on the web and had to learn everything the hard way. Please respond by commenting and suggesting the article to others who may need it.


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