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How to Format a Computer (Windows Xp)-Second Steps-Preparation

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        The next step in formatting a computer is to make sure that all of the drivers that control tasks on your computer will be either found, or downloaded to a portable device. It is extremely important to find your drives while the computer can still access the Internet, especially if you only have one computer, because after the process will be finished you will not be able to view the web until your wireless and Ethernet drivers have been reinstalled.

       To find your drivers, search up the web for your computer type, model, company etc; while adding a keyword like VOLUME or WIRELESS drivers to the search bar. If no result show up and you are completely lost on how to advance onwards, got to the site The first link you will see is Program: Unknown devices. Click on it, and download the program. When extraced with win-zip and opened, it will show you all the drivers installed or not installed and needed by your computer.  It will show you the driver’s ID and serial number, and will therefore be a lot easier to find since you are searching for a more specific thing.

      It is highly recommended to have a second computer around, since the drivers you download may not be compatible with your computer. If you have already erased the hard drive, and, for example, the Ethernet controller (the cable that provides Internet access to your computer) drive is not working, you will have no way to  download a new one, unless another computer in operating condition exists.

     Note- if you wish to format your computer to install windows XP (any version), a number of devices would already function. They include the USB ports, CD/DVD readers, and battery charger. Therefore, it is possible to simply insert the portable device and transfer the drivers to your desktop.

     There are a few things other than the computer drivers that must be installed in order to run other programs. Search up and download “windows service pack  2,” and download. This program manages the installation of other programs. Also, you need to download DirectX version 9.1c, which makes up the graphics component of any program. Lastly, find and download Microsoft .NEI 2.0, which maintains other functions carried out by windows.

     Once all of this has been downloaded and stored on a portable device, your computer is ready to be formatted. Follow the article How to format a computer (Windows XP)-Second steps-Installation


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