Monday, December 11

American English And British English Words

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These words are not only used in England and the UK, but formerly British Colonies that are now independent countries like African Countries, Indian countries, and Caribbean Islands, etc., have also adapted some of these words into their everyday language. 

From American English Words  to  British English

Bandaid is known as plaster in England

Cabinets (kitchen cabinets) is cupboard

Can (can of soup, soda can, can of vegetables)- Tin

Candy- sweets/sweetie

Closet is actually the wardrobe

Cookies/Crackers is biscuit

Cop is the policeman

Dresser is known as the chest of drawers

Engine- Motor

Eraser- Rubber

Faucet- tap

Flashlight- Torchlight or Torch

French Fries is chips

Ground Meat/Ground Beef- mince Meat

Hood of a car is the bonnet

Jelly – Jam

Living Room is known as the drawing room

Main Street is High Street

Mail (a letter) – post a letter

Mailman- Postman

Math- maths

Movie Theatre – Cinema

Parking Lot is the Car Park

Pass a car- Overtake a car

Period (dot at the end of sentence) means a fullstop

Private Hospital- Nursing Home

Semester- Term

Shopping Cart- Trolley

Shower- take a bath (bathe)

Sidewalk is the Pavement

Signal/blinkers in car- Indicator switch

Soccer is known as football

Trash/Garbage- Rubbish

Trash Can/Wastepaper Basket is the Bin

Undershirt- Vest

Wrench – Spanner

From British English to American English

Bin is the wastepaper basket or trash can in American English.

Biscuit actually covers all cookies and crackers

Bonnet is the Car hood

Car Park in England is the Parking Lot in America

Chest of Drawers is the Dresser

Chips is French fries

Cinema is the movie theatre in America

Cupboard is known as cabinets (kitchen cabinets)

Drawing Room is known as the living room in America

Football in England known as soccer

Full stop (the dot after a sentence) is known as period

High Street is Main Street in America

Hood of the Car in England is actually the top of the car

Indicator Switch is the signal or blinkers on a car.

Jam (spread on bread) is jelly

Maths is the school subject for math

Mince meat- ground meat

Motor- Engine

Nursing Home- Private Hospital

Overtake (car) is the passing car

Pavement in British English is the sidewalk

Plaster in England is actually a bandaid in America

Policeman is the cop

Postman is the mailman

Post letters- mail letters

Rubber is the eraser

Rubbish is the trash or garbage in American English

Spanner (Car tool) is the wrench

Sweets- Candy

Tap- is the faucet

Term- Semester

Tin- is actually the Can (can of vegetables, soup, soda can)

Toilet is said to be the restroom/bathroom

Torch/Torchlight- is the flashlight in America

Trolley, better known as the shopping cart,

Vest is actually the undershirt

Wardrobe is known as the closet in America


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