Tuesday, December 12

How To Make Delicious Slimming Foods (With Recipes)

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What is good slimming food?

Good food is (in thekind of weight loss) that does not contain large amounts of Calories. Slimming food also needs to taste good, it is not nice to eat bad food because dieting is really difficult. Of course if you try to lose weight a lot, this doesent is enough! Try to do ( like tennis or some sport activity) in a couple of times a week and use these recipes are guaranteed to drop your weight.

Mincedmeat Loaf with crushed tomatoes

What you need?

-400 G crushed tomatoes-1 Dl breadcrumbs-600 G beef mince, max 7% fat-2 Pc (á 50 g) onion-2 Pcs eggs-2 Teaspoon dried parsley-1 Teaspoon salt-1 Teaspoon chili powder-0.5 Teaspoon black pepper-2 Teaspoon mustard

Let’s start1. Mix the crushed tomatoes and bread crumbs and let stand for about ten minutes.2. Add a bowl of minced meat, eggs and chopped onion and parsley. Add spices and mix evenly.3. Press the dough to one or two of buttered bread or cake tin.4. Bake 175 degrees for about an hour, depending on the size of the tin.

It takes about 75 min to do all this. This is very good slimming food!

Pineapple / piggy sauce

What you need?

-0.5 Units (70 g) leeks-1 St (150 g) red bell pepper-2 Tbsp rapeseed oil-2 Teaspoon curry powder-1 Teaspoon paprika-1 Pkg (á 300 g) pork filesuikaleita-2 Dl cooking cream, max 5% fat-1 Tsp (á 150 / 227 g) pineapple pieces (canned)-2 Tablespoons fresh parsley

Let’s start

1. Rinse and shred the leek and paprika.2. Heat the oil in a frying pan and add curry and paprika. Mix well3. More porsaansuikaleet skillet and brown.4. Add sliced leek and bell pepper and cooking cream.5. Let sit for a few minutes, add the pineapples and sprinkle with parsley.

It takes only 60 min to do all this, this is good slimming food too!


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