Tuesday, December 12

Barack Obama, Can we Keep Him Alive?

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Miracles are happening in this wonderful world. After 12 years of a Bushy family in the White House. And one disaster after the next, mishap after mishap on the national and global landscape, it seems that the tide is turning. Barack has come to town. And wherever you live in this world, he is coming to your town too

Barack Obama Inauguration

The 20th of January 2009 America chose a black man, a colored fellow being, to be be the number one person in the country. Something unthinkable less than 50 years ago. Hurrah America, the world loves you! How must you feel, when you live in poverty in Africa, or in some southern state of the United States of America. When the news spreads that a black man, like you and your ancestors will be The President of the United States. Suddenly out of nowhere the man Obama appears. And not only just appears in headlines with his bigger smile than Jimmy Carter, but he arrives on the world stage. He came, he saw and he conquered. The President of the Unites States of America, the world’s most important leader, the center of al attention, the maker or the breaker. Like any president, a puppet on a string, but what a doll.


Even white America seems to love this man, closed him in their hearts. How a warm charismatic smile and personality can change a nation. Yes, correct maybe his paperwork is a little thin. But who cares. Because this man is alive and seems to love us all. With his big wide arms and his warming smile, embracing us all.

Can we keep him alive?

For sure that Barack Obama is on many wanted lists at this moment. May god forbid that something will happen to this man. The man the world will love for years of history to come. The first black President of the United States of America is a wanted man. Price on his head, but a strong survivor, a leader till the end. But let us believe in the good of the United States and its first black president that through dialogue we can keep the world from more harm.  

Barack, go go go… and pull this world back on track.


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