Tuesday, December 12

How To Increase Your Chances Of Not Being Downsized

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Throughout my career I have worked for several organizations and companies. I have had to learn by the school of hard knocks how to be a better employee, not only to the company but more importantly to my fellow co-workers.

Yes, your employer will lay you off or terminate your employment for many reasons especially today with the way the economy is.  

To be a better employee in the workplace and to be a better fellow employee to others I have made a list of attributes that may help you stay employed longer and make you a better employee.

I have made a list of the qualities and attributes employees need to have to be a better employee. With today’s larger companies merging and downsizing employees in order for them to compete in a world market place I have left out many qualities and attributes employees will not need to be a better employee.

I do suggest that you have the qualities I’ve listing below to be a better employee but keep you resumes updated, your education, your skills, and your mind soul and body ready for the next opportunity.

1. Be friendly

2. Don’t gossip

3. Tell the truth (always)

4. Don’t steal

5. Don’t assume

6. Be a hard worker

7. Be a safe worker

8. Know your job and keep learning

9. Complain to management and others only when you have your facts correct.

10. Be fair

11. Be kind

12. Speak at meetings or other group occasions when you have gathered the right information to make what you say  informative, and makes sense.

13. Help co-workers when asked

14. Teach fellow co-workers if asked

15. Be patient

16. Never strike, punch, hit anyone at work

17. Understand how your fellow workers can have an effect on your promotions or demotions.

18.Treat your boss with respect for the position they hold. (deserving of the position or not)

19. Be on time to work

20. Go home on time

21. Remember your manners like your parents taught you.

22. Stay clean both body and soul in the workplace.

23. Don’t burn bridges

24. Give credit where credit is due.

25. Say thank you to you boss, fellow co-workers, and business associates when and only you mean it.


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