Tuesday, December 12

How TO Handle Inappropriate Behaviors IN Children

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Sometimes our kids behave in certain ways, that as adults or parents if we do nothing about them, we would only have succeeded in legitimizing a bad behavior that would eventually be hard to control as they grow. Let’s look at some of these behaviors and proffer some remedy.

1.EXCESS SWEET INTAKE: Children naturally love sweet intake of any kind. Parents may do well to introduce them early enough to fiber foods. WHY FIBER? Well because it’s adds no calories, prevents diabetes and heart disease. Some of the best sources of fiber are apples, oranges, almonds, green peas and legumes like dried beans.

2.  AVOIDING HOMEWORK:Children naturally love to play. They hate work! So, parents must do what it takes to SPEND quality TIME TOGETHER with their kids. This will help the parent know the problem of the kids early enough to address them. For instance if your kid don’t like helping out in the home cores or would readily avoid doing their school home work, the parent could start by letting them know that that is what is expected of  them as good citizens and future leaders. If they are lazy, others would laugh at them.

3.CHILDREN LOVE BREAKING THE RULES: Naturally, kids don’t like rules. I always advise parents to start COMMUNICATING the RULES of the family’s home early. Explain what is expected of them and be CONSISTENT with DISCIPLE. Every time the rule is bent let the appropriate punishment follow. If you are not consistent with disciple you would lose your grip on them at tender age.

4.FOR DIFFICULT CHILDREN: Some kids are quite stubborn and difficult to teach as they consistently break the rules and do not respond properly to disciple. Well, take to another level. For instance use what the kid LOVES most to direct him to what he NEEDS! Maybe he loves eating but hates going to school. Make it mandatory that food in the morning will only be taken at school. It might not be the best but he will have to love school if he needs the meal today!


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