Popular Breakfast Menus from Asia 3

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This is the third issue in a series of articles featuring popular breakfast menus from Asia and the Pacific region. The first two issues were published here. Breakfast menus from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China are featured in this issue.

In Northern China, the most popular is the Mantou. This breakfast menu is made up of wheat, water and leavening agents and turned into a soft and fluffy steam bun. Some Chinese sometimes manipulate or try some ways to serve Manthou like deep frying it and dipping into sweetened condensed milk. Mantou can be found in frozen section of Asian food stores and can be served by heating it through microwave or by steaming.


In Central and Eastern China, typical breakfast consist of Si Fan Tuan, a kind of rice porridge combined with fried tofu and noodles and serve with a variety of side dishes like century eggs, pickled vegetables, and salted duck eggs.


In Hong Kong, typical breakfast menus seem to have been influenced by the western world and their traditional menus like those in the northern part of Mainland China have somehow lost their popularity. Here are some of the popular breakfast menus from Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Some of the popular breakfast in Taiwan which is likewise popular in Hong Kong is combination of noodles, rice porridge, coffee or Tea.



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