Food Budget Tips: Top 10 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

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  1. Create budgets, spend less, cut costs, save money ! These are the headlines that are rocking the nation .Everyone is scrambling to keep afloat in this shaky economy. To help you stabilize your money, start by getting control of your food spending. Here are 10 ways you can cut your food budget spending.
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Make detailed meal plans

  1. Plan all your meals out carefully with your food budget in mind. There are many meals that are cost effective, and don’t require expensive ingredients. Take the extra time to incorporate these factors, and write out a detailed list on what you will be eating all week. This is the start to really making your food budget work.
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Shop once a week

  1. Allow yourself only one shopping trip a week for food. Don’t go to convenience stores, or stop in to buy any extra food , until it is time to do the weekly shopping trip. You can save money just by sticking to this. Make it a habit and stick to it.
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Shop at discount stores

  1. Become familiar with what you can buy at discount stores. While you make out your grocery list, make one list for your conventional grocery store, and one for what you can get much cheaper at a discount store. When you are trying to keep on your food  budget, every penny helps. If you can buy all your canned food, at ¾ of the price, the savings at the end of the month make dealing with a few dented cans worth while
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Get free food

  1. Some food banks have programs, where if you volunteer for a few hours, you will receive food in return. Check with your local food bank , to see if they have that kind of program running.
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Become a coupon master

  1. We aren’t just talking one coupon here or there, you must become a master! Clip coupons , find coupons online, you can even find masses of coupons on eBay for a great price. Use these coupons and try to pair the coupons up with sale flyer’s. If you can’t find sale flyer’s for your grocery store, you can view what is on sale that week on the Internet. Usually a larger store has a website up . By buying what is on sale, and using that to find out which coupon to use , you will be saving the maximum amount possible.
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Buy your bread a day old

  1. Day old bread, it won’t kill you ! Almost every town has a discount bread shop . When bread becomes a day old, usually it gets sent to this store. You can often buy quality bread for around $1.00 . The store often has other food for sale at a discounted price as well. Buy what you need and freeze it right away, to keep it as fresh as possible. Being able to save money on bread, gives you even more savings on your food budget.
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Grow your food

  1. Yes ! Grow your own food , even if you live in a place where you can’t have a garden, find information on how to have a container garden. You can buy vegetable plants and seeds that are bred specifically to be grown in pots.
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  3. Tomatoes , peppers, lettuce , cucumbers, and more can be grown right from home. If you use fresh herbs, you can start those inside at any time. Healthy, fun and almost free.
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Make your own food

  1. Cut out the expensive pre-made meals and food. Try to make what you can from scratch , instead of buying it already made in the stores. If time is an issue, and you need ready made food on the go, experiment with making your food the night before, or using a Crockpot .
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Buy in bulk

  1. If you have enough room to store food, consider buying in bulk. If you can buy 5 items on your list in bulk and make it last a month instead of a week, you will be saving. Items such as , rice, oatmeal, flour, meat, are typical foods that can be bought and stored or frozen, to save money in the long run.
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Join a Co Op

  1. A co op is a community based grocery store. Often you can get great deals on natural foods, and other items, by being apart of a co op . At a co op, there is no corporate store getting their cut of the profit, the savings of using a co op gets distributed amongst the members. Do a search for a co op in your area, to see if it is something that would benefit you .
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