Vegetable Growing in Containers

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If your gardening is limited to insufficient space or poor soil conditions, planting your vegetables in containers is an easy solution. Almost any vegetable that can be planted in the ground can be grown in containers.

Almost any containers will do. Just make sure they are large enough for the type of vegetable you are planting. Tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, eggplants and peppers especially do well in containers.


Before you plant your vegetables, be sure to drill holes in the bottom of your container, about ¼ to ½ inches from the bottom on the sides of the container. Next, it’s best if you place a layer of course gravel on the bottom for drainage. Another nice thing about container gardening is you can pick the type of soil you wish to use, unlike ground gardening where you have to use what is available in the spot you choose.

Also with container gardening you can choose just about any location. The plants are easily moved and much easier to take care of.

Proper watering is essential in container gardening. Usually once per day is adequate, however, poor drainage will slowly kill the plant, so make sure you have placed the containers in a location where they can drain well.

It’s very important to choose a location where your container vegetables will receive lots of light. Just remember that leafy crops can tolerate more shade than root crops.

So start gathering those containers and growing your own vegetables, they will taste much better than anything purchased in a grocery store!


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