Sunday, December 17

Stories From The Bar

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                    Amongst our varied and illustrious customers that we shared our time and a drink with during our two year tenure of the bar, is a full time taxi driver from London, holidaying here in Pattaya twice a year. Some of his stories are very funny, so I thought I’d share some of them with you.

                    As a man gets into the taxi, he’s busy talking to himself.

                    “Who are you talking to?” asked the taxi driver.

                    “My friend”, replied the passenger.

                    “But you are alone”, the former remarked quizzically.

                    “No – I am with my friend”, the passenger retorted in a somewhat snappy manner.

                    So said taxi drove down the road, thinking that either the passenger was schizophrenic or that he himself was still asleep and dreaming, and that he’d be better off not engaging in any more discourse with his passenger, and anyway, he needed the fare.

                    About 15 minutes into the journey, the passenger is still muttering away to himself until he informs the taxi driver that he and his ‘friend’ have reached their destination.

                    As he alighted from the taxi, he turned to the driver and asked how much the fare was.

                    “$6:50” was the reply.

                    “$6:50?” The passenger seemed surprised. “That seems very reasonable”, as he reached into his pocket for his wallet and gave the driver $7.

                    “No. no”, said the driver; “you’ve only given me $7”

                    “Yes”, said the passenger. “You said ‘$6:50’”.

                    “So you’ve got to give me $13”., the driver replied in a patient manner.

                    “But I don’t understand”, said the confused passenger.

                    “Yes, I said $6:50 – that’s $6:50 each!


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