Wednesday, December 13

Mama Yvonne

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               Once in a summer, it was my first time to engage in a work inside the walls of a government institution, namely, Department of Agriculture, for 45 days. I met this lady on her desk, she was so lovely though and smelling at me first. Deep in side, I felt so welcome to the compound.

             In the second time around, I was called and employed for their summer job program last April 2010, though the period of days have been shorten, I found it bliss. Again I met her for the second time around. And as the simmer program of Department of Agriculture ended I gave this poem to her as a present…

“Mama Yvonne”

I still remember when my first visit,

Her warm smile I surely noticed it.

With the atmospheric friendly beat,

In the midst in the summer of 2008.

Since then I wondered why,

In her late 20’s still a maiden lies.

So I’m curious if she want it ever,

For I believed in love she is a giver.

When the summer ended,

And bidding goodbye has been started.

Even though she was silent,

In her heart farewell did lament.

Once again in 2010,

I was given a chance to meet her again.

Now I’m glad and surprised in my heart did linger,

After seeing her wedding ring in her finger.

Now I see in my lost friend,

The joy in finding someone to love it’ll never end.

I was to called her “Manang” because of her tune,

But now hailed as the approachable mama Yvonne.


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