A Seventeen Years Old Girl From Argetina With Seven Kids

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I was one of those people who scattered articles in the internet after hearing a 17 years old girl from Cordoba Province, northern Argentina who bore 7 kids in only 3 separate child births. Pamela Villaruel had his first son when she was 14 years old. The father of the kid refused the responsibilities and abandoned her. Two years later she gave birth to her first triplets whose father was forced to leave the house for battering her. She and her kids were living in her parent’s living room and her parents help her raising the kids. Recently, she gave birth to another triplets whose father she refused to identify. Her mother Magdalena asked to perform ligation on Pamela to avoid another multiple births. But due to the young age, it is illegal and not allowed by Argentina laws.
(Image from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_275kfaxKlW4/SCooU6uVjvI/AAAAAAAAAP0/tpI3EF-MkRs/s400/17+anos.jpg)

I just can’t imagine how hard it is to raise 7 children at such a young age. Being a mom of one son, I had hard times balancing my time with work and taking care of an infant. It wasn’t a burden because it is my responsibility as a mother to raise my kid in a comfortable and decent way. But having seven kids is like 7 times the hardships. Pamela’s courage and commitment to raise these kids must be very strong. There are many women who would like to consider abortion but she was very passionate about her kids and raised them.

I also have a few moral comments on Pamela’s mother, Magdalena; I think she didn’t guide her child well. By the time she had her first son, she could have educated her with the pros and cons of being a mother and how to be a responsible parent. I mean she’s only 14 and it’s already weird at that age being an early mom. I was playing with Barbie dolls during that age. I think she even tolerated her to get a new man for the hopes of raising Pamela and the kid. Unfortunately, the next relationship was also a failure and resulted to a triplet. She was 16 at this time and the best time for Magdalena to have scolded her for not stop committing sex when she already have 4 kids who needs milk and proper raising. Worst when a year after she gave birth to the first triplet is another pregnancy to a triplet from an unknown man.

I may sound naïve about how hard is it to discipline a child but as a mother I think you can tell your kid to stop a thing that you  think would be harmful for him/her or things that are not yet in the proper timing. I firmly believed having 7 kids while 17 is definitely out of control. Pamela is still very young and there are more things in the future that she would have enjoyed. I am not saying having a kid is the end of everything. I have a kid but I enjoy life but having 7 kids is no longer enjoyable because all of them require equal love and care. As parents, it is our obligation to take care of children equally and give them the best they deserve and even punish them if we have to. Mothers know best for their kids.


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