Review of Paid to Review sites: Ciao

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There are a few decent paid to review sites available to users in the UK, unfortunately is not one of them.


Although the layout is fairly simple, you have to wade through a lot of nonsense to review a product you are looking for.

You have a “community level” based on how many points you have, you start as white and work your way up to green, through the colours until you reach black. You get these points based not only on writing reviews but general use of the site. This includes reading and rating reviews as well.

You do not earn any more or any less based on what community level you happen to be. You can’t exchange the points.


You get between 2 and 4 pence per review. You get 3 or 4 pence if you write the first review of a product that is on the site and 2 pence for any other review.

You get 1p when someone reads and rates your review.

Minimum payout is £5 via credit or debit card.

Other users.

Very few people actually seem to rate reviews on Ciao, they read them, but do not rate them (I have been stuck on £2.79 for about 5 months). And if they do read them, they will mark you down if they disagree with you.

There is a good selection of products to review on ciao, you can even review shops and banks, but the community is so bad and the payment so low, it really is a waste of time.


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