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Why People Fail to Lose Weight?

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Health, time and money are the most talked about subject in the world. Interesting enough often we do not make enough time and not enough money available to maintain our health. We have to spend some time on healthier diets in order to increase our slimming efforts. And at the same time we should make more money available for a healthier lifestyle.

Losing Weight is Not Difficult

The number one reason why people do not lose weight is because they do not change their food habits. What people eat is what they become. What people have been eating the last five years is what they are today. What people will eat in the next five years is what they will become.

Life is all about choices and making the right choices is not always easy. Every person needs some form of education to make sensible and balanced decisions: this definitely counts for our food intake.

Unfortunately this information is not taught to the masses at schools or universities; most of us educate ourselves. At least, that is what we think. Self education might lead to misconduct, wrong choices, which result in wrong food habits.

Research on Weight Loss

The researchers of this project questioned 97 Malaysian and Singaporean test subjects, on food habits and food behaviors. All subjects never had any form of education on the subject of food habits or caloric intake. 68 percent of the subjects was tested overweight, 12 percent was under weight, and a whopping 38 percent was tested obese, only 21 percent was in the correct weight range but had a considerable small muscle mass and a too high fat percentage.

We all eat three times per day, at least most of us do. And we do not have a clue what kind of junk we are stuffing our bodies with. Knowledge about healthy choices will unlock the secrets to proper weight management.

Studies done on various universities in Asia proof that food has changed over the last 30 years. The use of MSG’s (food enhancers) has increased accordingly. What we eat daily is less nutritious and contains more chemical elements. Healthy nutrition can off set the imbalance, and restore the body balance.

Weight loss means being prepared to change your food habits, once the basics are learned; it becomes a skill the brain does not have to think about anymore, it becomes a natural process.

We have to take time, to shop healthier, and make the efforts to spend well earned money on healthier foods.

Once a person is prepared to do this, nature kicks in and the body starts to perform better. Energy levels are restored; activity becomes fun again; as recovery periods after an exercise are reduced to a minimum.

Drinking water is an absolute must for every human being, at least two to three liters of fresh water should be consumed per day, to replenish and help the detoxification process.

Anyone can live a healthier lifestyle, applying the basics and learning how to, is the first step towards healthy weight loss.

Research conducted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia & Singapore February 2010

Researchers – Frank Amptmeijer & Franklin-Paul Blake


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