Thursday, December 14

How to Build up Your Immune System

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Proper rest and stress reduction goes a long way to not only building up your immune system, but preventing it from being depleted at the same time. In a stress-filled. 21st century, many people do not rest and sleep properly at all. Without proper rest and sleep, the body starts to work overtime, eventually leading to poor health, as evidenced by having colds and the flu more often. These two attributes, if done properly and concurrently, lead to a stronger, more enhanced immune system. Sleeping more, but not oversleeping and resting helps the body to recover overworked and stressed physical systems. A run-down system leads to an immune system that has more chinks in the armor-with more oversusceptibility to having colds and the flu.

Stress also leads to poor eating habits: the wrong foods, combinations and amounts. A poor diet considerably brings down the efficacy of your bodys’ defensive system against foreign invaders. Eating better foods that nourish the body also strengthens the bodys’ primal edge in fighting off anything not DNA-matching. Nutritional supplements like Coq10 add more energy to the cellular mitochondria, enabling the leukoycytes, phagocytes and Killer T cells of the immune system to fight better and with more efficiency against pathogenic substances in the body. Coenzyme 10 (Coq10) tweaks these defensive cells so efficiently that they are capable of defending the body far more better than ever before, without causing these defensive systems to overreact and cause autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Herbal supplements like reishi, a mushroom sought by the Ancients in Asia for its curative and restorative powers, is also an elixir for your body’s defensive array. This author saw its effects first hannd when I was infected with a mouth virus. This virus caused my immune defenders to overreact, prolonging and worsening its effects in my mouth-already peopled by lesions and other sores-that did not even allow me to eat soup without my mouth going through horrible pain and burning sensations. The medication that I took to lessen the effects of an overactive immune system actually made the virus’s effects far worse, leaving me with chronic exhaustion and oversleep, as my system started to slowly collapse.

I started taking reishi-a known immune system stimulator and modulator, which greatly speeded up my recovery. My system relapsed into the same viral infection a year later. The strong anti-viral medication prescribed to me had little or no effect on my diseased state. Increasing the reishi encapsulated herb dosage and maintaining it, finally defeated this strong virus recovering my health to the point of buoyant stellar health. reishi and other mushroom supplements, such as maitake and cordyceps go a long way towards not only a strong body defensive array-but the overall good health that goes with it. These substances known as “adaptogens” also fortifies all of the bodys’ systems against all kinds of environmental stresses.

Proper rest and sleep, a good diet and nutritional supplementation work symbiotically to keep your system humming along throughout your life, and it all starts with those primal ‘trenches, encampments and fortifications’ scattered throughout your system, bolstered by hundreds of well-trained and fierce ‘military armies’ poised to fight for you, without question and delay. They just need you to refurbish and reequip them.


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