Saturday, December 16

Why Watching TV Can Kill You

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Inactivity is the word. But it just is not the TV anymore-it is the computer; the Internet, and all of the other info-dispensing conveyances that are keeping people inactive and therefore sedentary. These now two words are killers. Most people don’t even realize just how much time they spend using these devices, and the increasingly smaller time spent actually exercising. Couple that with poor eating habits, as a result of the inactivity, and you have a recipe for disaster. Besides, look at more potentially quicker ways to go, such as watching TV, using the Internet and other info gathering and dispensing conveyances while driving. Many accidents have happened over the years as a result of using these devices-leading to bans of their use while driving in different regions.

The sedentary-eating lifestyle alone is a toxic blend, and certainly is a recipe for disaster. Watching TV or surfing the web in all its increasingly fantastic clarity, and even three-dimensions for Television is certainly contributing to people sitting down and relaxing more. Besides, people are more stressed than ever before, through work, school and other problems or issues. These contribute to a lot of time watching these info-dispensing and sharing electronic conveyances and eating, as well as a lot of comfort food and overall bad diet.

The irony of things, in the past, even with the bad foods, overall people were far more active and less sedentary, even with watching the ‘tube.’ Our technological innovations and accompanying bad diets are contributing to morbid obesity and increases in heart disease, as well as some forms of cancer. Bad diet can certainly do that, but it is smoking as well. Sedentary lifestyles and eating disorders can chain into other bad habits like smoking. Certainly watching TV can kill you. However, common sense can help reverse these problems, such as walking more, eating fruit once in awhile and not something garnished on a cake.

Joining a walking/running group helps with any workout program for good health. But the main point is just to shut down your info-conveying gadgets once in awhile and go do something different. It also helps to break the tedium, boredom and anxiety. One also ends up eating better and feeling less stressed. Just break the cyclic-routine helps considerably in reducing stress and food as a panacea for these ills. Guess what? You become more active andyou see the world in its sparkling, three dimensional clarity.


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