Wednesday, December 13

Ways to Improve Memory

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There are a number of ways to improve memory. Reduce stress levels on your body-they affect all your systems-including your brain. Constantly being stressed and rushed has a tendency to push things that we need or have to remember out of our brains. Declare ‘stress-free’ days and personal zones, where nobody can bring their problems into your sphere of influence. Stress is not only a big killer, but also a big drainer of vital nutrients and blood-sugars that fuel the activity of the brain. It is apparent that when we are more relaxed our brains function better, as the demand on its resources are not as great, and it has a tendency to process information better without its internal ‘programming’ and ‘reprogramming’ working overtime to deal with the situations that are causing it in the first place.

You can take a walk in a natural surrounding like a park, or go to your local health club. Endorphins relax the body considerably, allowing memory and other cognitive functions to work better. As time passes, the mental faculties work better. But of course we need some stress in our life. The thing is to separate the good from the bad, like separating the wheat from the chaff. Proper mental functioning requires good stresses as motivating factors, and some bad stresses to hone and define the mental processes of the mind. the problem is too much negative stresses sap our mental faculties, leaving us emotionally and mentally drained to the point of exhaustion at times.

Easing harsh mental stresses also leads to less binge eating, as well as better foods: combinations and mixes. Eating better foods, more richer in vitamins and other nutrients, feeds the brain-not only improving your memory-but also helping to protect the brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. At the very least, the brain is more fortified aganst it. Exercise also hones the mind and memory through better oxygenation of the brain, lower blood pressure, a stronger heart, and better overall good health. Taking care of your health is critical to maintaining memory well into old age.

Additionally, exercising your mind and not vegetating in front of the TV helps to keep it working well for a lifetime. Doing crosswors, word games-anything that requires the mental processes to be working at an excellent level goes a long way to keep your ‘cerebal supercomputer’ working overtime. You don’t necessarily have to do complicated and tedious mental exercises. Think on a constant basis and you have a brain that answers you back. Every thought triggers off a myriad of mental reactions. Good and more deeper thinking triggers off stronger and more prolonged biochemical reactions in your brain.

Take care of your health throughout your life and it will reward you with high-definition mental functioning throughout your life.


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