Friday, December 15

Advice on Mastering Seo

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                If you are like nearly everyone else trying to make it in a niche on the web, then chances are good that you already know that you need to learn more about SEO.  The problem is that SEO is incredibly complex, and it is entirely possible to spend every waking hour trying to keep track with all of the changes and nuances involved.  In fact, some people do that for a living, and it is to those people that many turn when they need help.  The problem is that many website owners and/or content writers either do not know about the different tools that are out there or do not know which tools to look into.

                For planning, there are tools such as SEO Moz, which combines both basic tools and advanced options for those that want to pay the extra money.  SEO Moz gets great reviews, and they cover absolutely everything from keyword research to content creation/evaluation.  There really is not anything that SEO Moz does not cover.  In fact, the nicest thing about SEO Moz is access to their unique volume of constantly updated articles that reflect the very latest in SEO.

                There are other alternatives to SEO Moz, such as the Google Keyword tool and Scribe SEO, both of which do a good job at their respective tasks.  If you do not mind using multiple tools that are not designed to work together, then this might be a great approach.  If you want an integrated solution that handles everything from start to finish, then you might be in need of a solution such as SEO Moz.  Either way, there are a few pieces of advice worth following for anyone looking into learning SEO:

  • Do NOT trust forum posters, especially on free forums

  • Paid forums might be worth it, but there are some better services such as SEO Moz

  • Try visiting sites that are dedicated to blogging in general for advice on SEO techniques from those who are in the trenches.

  • Do NOT waste money on books on SEO; by the time they are written they are already obsolete.


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