Friday, December 15

How to Run And Finish Your First 10K

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When you hear of the word run, you probably think boring, hard and just not for you.  I thought the same untill i finally just decided to get up off the couch and jog down the street a half mile.  I had just pigged out earlier that day and was feeling guilty and though i would feel better about myself if i got a little exercise.  Let me tell you that jogging this half mile at the time felt like the most hardest and strenuous thing i had ever done.  After my short jog, i noticed i was feeling a sense of accomplishment and happiness about myself.  I felt good once i caught my breath and no longer guilty about my earlier feast. The following day, though not easy, i got up and jogged the same distance and continued to jog each day until i finally realized i was running a solid mile.  I hadnt run a mile since high school and even then i think i walked most of it. I stayed at a mile, no more for about a month.

One day i felt i wanted to continue running past my usual mile mark and ran an extra half mile.  I continued to slowly increase my mileage each week. I want to stress the word slowly because increasing your mileage too quickly can cause injury and can easily burn you out of the activity completly.  After a few months I was running 4 miles 5 days a week. I lost some weight, my cloths fit better and i had a self confidence about myself that only a beginning runner could understand.  Not only was i running 4 miles, but my mile time was pretty fast and getting faster each day.  My running routine was always around 6 am. There are many out running at this time. Many other females even males were running slower than i was and i even started to pass them them just to put some fun and competitivness in my daily routine.  One day I saw a sign promoting a local 10k so i decided to sign up just for fun, not expecting to place or anything.  Well guess what? My first 10k i get 2cd female overall and first female in my age group.  I have been running ever since.


1. get a music player

2. switch your route daily

3. dont increase mileage too quickly

4. dont think about the pain, just the game.


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