Saturday, December 16

Artistic Abstract Wallpapers You Should Keep on List Vol.1

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Artistic Abstract Wallpapers You Should Keep on List vol.1

If you are one of those desktop wallpaper lovers or simply a fan of abstract art, here are some artistic abstract wallpapers that you should keep on list. With abstract wallpapers, your desktop can now be transformed into an artistic gallery of abstract art! That’s two unique treats in one! Wonderful, ain’t it?

A/N: This is just the first set of artistic abstract wallpapers I have compiled. Watch out for the second volume soon!

Purple Abstract Wallpaper

– Purple has always been a fascinating color. For me, this wallpaper allows us to imagine many things. It also shows a ‘sticky liquid’ impact.

Abstract Light Wallpaper

– this gives out a firework effect combined with glowing streaks of light. The lines and brushes used in this wallpaper is indeed so creative and doesn’t hurt the eye.

Abstract Lines in Motion Wallpaper

– The color mixture of this abstract wallpaper is really great. The way how lines are presented in motion as well as the placement of colors makes this one of my personal favorites.

Star Flight Abstract Wallpaper

– Two words for this one, that’s absolutely wonderful! So pleasant and elegant to the eye.

3D Abstract Wallpaper

– for those who likes high definition 3D abstract wallpapers, this one is for you. This combination of green and yellow wallpaper gives out a futuristic look. Feels like we’re inside the Matrix with this one.

Can’t get enough? There are still many more compilations to come! For now, Enjoy viewing!

Disclaimer: All abstract wallpapers are for preview purposes only. All Rights Reserved to its respective owners.


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