Arnel Pineda: The New Life of the Journey Band

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The Journey band has been in the top billboards for three decades. Their name is already in the brains of every rock and roll fans. They are one of those prominent names in the Music industry. But when the lead singer Steve Perry left the band to go solo, the entire band was left hanging. Indeed, Steve Perry went solo but he wasn’t a hit either compared to when he’s in the band.

A lot of speculations said some members of the band had problems with the attitudes of Steve Perry. Rumors say he’s demanding, aloof and didn’t want to be in a group. Steve Perry said in one interview in CBN that he felt that he didn’t belong to the group/band so he decided to go solo. He sang journey songs when he went solo but guess the fans just wanted a band music and not a solo acoustic performance.

Since then, the rest of the band searched and searched for that someone who could replace Steve Perry as a front man. They hired Steve Augeri in 1998 – 2006, followed by Jeff Scott Sotto (2006 – 2007) and then succeed by Arnel Pineda (2007 – present), who they discovered in Youtube performing a Journey song with Zoo (Cover band in the Philippines).

Everyone in the band called Arnel Pineda as the new future of the Journey Band. He sings similar to Steve Perry but better in many ways. He’s more embracive to the audiences, his charisma is very high since he’s the only Asian in the band and his stage presence is to the highest peak most of the time. Indeed, Arnel is a good material that rejuvenated the Journey band and it was never better. Discovering him from one uploaded Youtube video is like the story come true of one movie by Mark Walberg “the Rockstar”. Arnel was a simple rockstar in the Philippines. Though he has some few breaks in the Music Industry, being in the Journey Band is the best one of it.

The band surely found a new life, new energy, new songs and new fans. Their recent album “Revelation” rated Platinum and for sure their new fans (Filipinos) bought some portion of it. The Journey is always the best band who arrange many good songs that tipped the billboards way back in 80’s and 90’s and now they are back with a new voice, and every thing new.


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