The Journey Band Found Gold in YouTube

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The power of the internet can make some dreams come true. One of the latest proof of this is the discovery that lead to an important job of the new vocalist of the Journey Band; a prominent 1980’s rock band who’s songs are still played until today. The Journey songs were hits and belonged to the top 20 songs of Billboard on their era and even until today, the hit songs Faithfully, Open Arms and Don’t Stop believing. Mr. Arnel Pineda from the Philippines was the man discovered by Niel Schon.

After Jeff Sotto (2007), the band decided to find another vocalist to awaken the spark of the band. It was late evening that Niel Schon decided to finally use the internet to find fresh talents and indeed found a video that was uploaded by one member of the Zoo band (cover band of Arnel Pineda in the Philippines). Niel emailed the band and wanted Arnel to audition for the Journey. But Arnel didn’t take it seriously because they thought it’s just hoax. But after exchange of emails, Arnel was finally convinced to try out the band and was hired in December 2007.

The Journey band had series of concert tours in the year 2008 as a come back and it was never a hoax when people loved the band more. The spark is indeed reborn; and people from Europe accepted the new vocalist with grace and admiration. His voice is undeniably similar to Steve Perry’s and maybe more in energy and stage presence. He can sing the pitch and the tone of Steve Perry line per line. Although many people said that Steve Perry is Steve Perry and no one can be like him even Arnel, at least he revived the legacy. It is true that he can never be Steve Perry but he celebrated the legacy of the band and people accepted and loved him. That could have not happened if not because of Youtube.

Youtube is a good place for placing videos of almost any niche. There are many products and services who increased sales since they uploaded videos in Youtube. Youtube have millions of hits per day and it is a recognized website. Other discovery is Ms. Charice Pempengco, who is also starting to shine in the US. One motto for Youtubers, don’t stop believing.


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