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Let's Get Physical: Recognize Your Football-Loving Self

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For people who hardly watch football, much less play them, there is always gap whenever the group he is hanging out with talks about it. It could be at lunch, when all of a sudden the group chatters about how great last night’s football match was or how crazy the coach was to use one player over the other. It could also be a missed opportunity to be closer to a new acquaintance when they couldn’t talk about football to break the ice.

How do people begin to like football, take a genuine interest and speak proficiently about it?

Video Games

Football video games like the Madden franchise are created to simulate the arena, the feel and the atmosphere of actually playing football. In other words, they allow the player to learn the rules and play according to it. They also teach the player about the different offensive and defensive sets, player roles and game time situations. Best of all, it’s just plain fun to play football video games.

Watch Football Games in Person

After playing football on the game console to recognize the rules, the next step to really get into the spirit of the sport is to go to a real football game. In a charged-up atmosphere and with everyone in the crowd fired up, it makes a person really go into frenzy and appreciate the sport. This way, it is easy to get into football because of the passion and pageantry of the fans, where emotions run high and people love their players.

Root For a Football Team or a Player

Learn the players’ names, research a little bit about them and soon you’ll honestly want them to succeed. Football becomes fantastic when you’re rooting for a player and a team, defending them against fans of their rivals and genuinely wanting your favorite team to beat them in games.

Read Online Football Blogs and Forums

Checking sports sites like gives a lot of knowledge with their headline tidbits. Even better, team-specific message boards help you get in touch with fellow football fans. Read a lot and learn what the other fans are thinking and get their standpoint. From time to time, a really knowledgeable poster who actually knows what he’s talking about will post his thoughts, allowing you to learn how the game unfolds from an intelligent football fan’s perspective.

In the end, football, and sports in general, is both fun to watch and a great conversation topic. Using the topics outlined above, you’ll develop a genuine interest in sports and be able to confidently talk about it, opening doors to new friends and an even stronger relationship with your peers.


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