Tuesday, December 12

A Beautiful Mess Live on Earth!

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So I’ve been digging around the internet and social media sites looking for more of something, but I didn’t quite know what I was looking for until I stumbled upon Jason Mraz. I’ve been listening to all his music now lately and am quite frankly just blown away to pieces and left inspired and wanting more. When I downloaded his third album, “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things”, I fell inlove with some of the songs. Just have to throw something out there though, he has an unbelievable essence about him whether its in his live performance or in his studio recorded song. You can just feel what he is feeling when you listen to his music, its like he puts you on the same level as he is.

So here is my review of Jason Mraz’s recorded concert in Chicago, shy town, in 2009. I’d like to give a shout-out to shy town I miss the windy city of Chicago. Great place, beautiful place you should go if ever allotted the opportunity. I know that if I could be there now I absolutely would.

If you bought the cd/dvd combo then you will absolutely enjoy the experience of watching this extraordinary performance. Jason and his band perform every song just perfectly, it’s almost as if you’re listening to the studio versions of his songs and the only way you can tell that the music is live would have to be the screaming fans.  Starting off the night with a song that’s never been released before as far as I know, and I believe its called the sunshine song. Or at least that’s the name that has been circling around the internet.  This song is a good song with a great melody, strong lyrics and vocals, and just the right amount of guitar.

With a band like Toga Rivera and the lakeshore drivers you cant go wrong. Now of course we all love the song live high by Jason Mraz. He and the band play the song so beautifully in this live performance. I enjoy the fact that Jason doesn’t just introduce songs in his performances he will actually stand up there and joke around, its great. He makes the whole concert experience more enjoyable, but of course you can tell that he is very comfortable in front of the mic. Or as Jason might say he is very much one with the mic.

I listen to Jason’s music not just because its enjoyable and smooth or easy listening. I listen to his music because of the lyrical content, to be quite honest. The messages and lyrical imagery behind his music is amazing to me. I find myself listening to all of his songs and not just once or twice neither. His music does not get dull after many listenings.

I fully suggest you either go out and buy Jason Mraz’s latest cd/dvd or you can also get online and download the cd/dvd. This has been another review of MatthewSE thanks for reading!


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