Monday, December 11

Wonderful Father

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Nowadays there is a great cry for wonderful fathers. Fathers in every family should respond to the invitation of upheaval of the degrading society. Fathers should act as the father should act, for the father is the figure of authority in every household. Father should neglect their importance as an individual who leads the family. Even though, father’s effort is neglected by many who tries to destroy the important function of family, let not this be the reason that they would stop in continuing to carry their family to a morally and wholesome society. Father should step up and be a firm individual who will protect his family from all immoral and corrupt idealism of some cruel people.

Sadly, in the time past, fathers as one have been pointless in our society; they remain low and neglectful of their sole responsibility. They have forsaken their home and let their wives to raise offspring by themselves just because they lost the sense of responsibility, they themselves has been affected from the vast propaganda of the society. And also even has been faithful to their family and that have keep on at home have over and over again neglected the main significant obligation of fathers and that is to be the chief, model, figure, principal, mentor, priests or leader in the home towards a rightful living.

           The most trends today is to address about ‘money’ or ‘careers’ rather than ‘parents’ or ‘fathers’, some father is much distracted in giving quality time for his family. He is swayed from the essential thing the family wants, a true and genuine love. Populaces frequently say that for the most part of life in raising their kids is to offer them tons of love, something with the aim of every parent that they can do, not considering of whether they are a father or a mother. On the other hand, there are also numerous ways that the fathers can convey only one of its kind strengths to their relationships with their children by giving time to show the real and affectionate love to his family.

            Nevertheless, the father’s effort cannot be denied. The only problem is fathers are confused of the various methods that world has to offer, they should mind the core and vital thing. As they have said love without action is like a smoke that in a matter of time it will be gone in the wind. So taking action is the key to a better family. Being a father is not a game; it requires your time and devotion.

            Wonderful fathers are in need today; because they are the only people have the heart to navigate their family to a wonderful place of unity. A wonderful father is always giving love at any cost, he don’t mind himself more than his family. A wonderful father is a provider of every needs of his family, he will not let each member of his family to suffer from pain of negligence but his family can trust him at all time.

            So let this coming Father’s Day Celebration be an honoring day for the wonderful father out there who is the true hero of the family, children must be prepared in giving this day a wonderful experience for their father, and that their father will be glad as well as encouraging him to be as wonderful father as he is. With a heart of thankfulness; children should celebrate the Father’s Day with thanksgiving as well. Make this day a wonderful day for your wonderful father, tell him again and again how wonderful he is.      


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