Sunday, December 17

Does The Amazon Kindle e Reader Work?

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I never would have believed it. But I do believe that the Amazon Kindle may potentially replace the paperback book. With this amazing ereader, you can read e books without a moment’s hesitation. And trust me, you will soon forget that you are not reading a real paperback novel.

So what’s so slick about the Kindle? It’s lightweight and comfortable, but even better than that: It uses real ink in its display. When you read your book, you fall completely into your novel, right past the display, and right into an (almost) real paperback book. The ink crystals within the display are amazing, and mimick the look of a real book. Even better, you can adjust the text size so you’ll never have to wear your reading glasses again. Imagine that.

I love the fact that I can carry several novels in one cool package. I’ve purchased a few books, which are all stored on the ebook reader, and I’ve found many books for free. As it turns out, books published before 1923 are no longer bound by copyright restrictions, so they are free to download. My latest downloaded e book, Alice in Wonderland, did not cost me a dime.

As I learn more about the Amazon Kindle, which I received as a gift, I am offering in-depth reviews in my articles. You can read more about my first experience with the Kindle: As I learn more about this cool little gadget, I will write more reviews and even a few how-to articles. I’ll show you all of the tips and tricks that I have learned as I get to know the Kindle.


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