Monday, December 11

When to Say NO

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Even though you are busy over your head, you seem to just accept anytime, everything you are asked to do. There are some moments when you have to say NO, no matter who is the person asking for help or what her problem is. Here are some hints about when to firmly say NO.

  1. You haven’t slept more than 5 hours a night in over a week.

It might be a project at work or just housework. The fact is that you are tired, you barely can  keep your eyes open. Sleep is extremely important for your mental and physical health and your general welfare. Say no and take a nap!

2.You have fallen out with everybody around you

Saying “yes” and taking on more responsibility will not make you a more pleasant person, neither a better friend. You will be just grumpier and every little gesture of somebody else will just seem incredibly annoying. Say no and take a break from everything!

3.You constantly forget where you have put your belongings

This does not mean(not necessarily) that you are not attentive enough or you are rough and tumble. Think a bit if this is just your normal behaviour or you are so busy that you just cannot remember where your head is.

4.Your spare time consists of an hour of watching TV

How is it since you really had some fun? Walking in the park is a memory, as well as going out to dinner. Just politely refuse those extra responsibilities and call some friends over to liven up a bit your schedule!

5.You haven’t had your nails done or your hair cut in quite a while

Maybe it’s time you looked in the mirror more carefully. Your lifestyle is slowly but surely transforming you in a cave man. You should consider your priorities and decide if you actually want to be a successful person looking like a farmer. Even though you do not believe the way others see you is important, your achievements may seem less appreciated if you do not appreciate yourself enough.

6.You haven’t spent time with your friends or family since last Christmas

Your life seems to be the same boring routine between job and home and yet, there is a small thing you can do to considerably improve your lifestyle: visit a friend or call your mom. Event though you are so caught in your work, your family miss you and they might feel neglected. I do not have to say that if we are talking about your children, it is essential to give them daily some moments.

Saying NO to your boss or a close friend might not seem beneficial for you, but it actually is. You will do your work better and you will be a more sociable, enjoyable person. Sometimes, taking your time to laugh when a colleague tells a joke is more important than doing a part of his work. Consider your options and have the courage to say NO!

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