Friday, December 15

Tips on How to Save Almost 40% of Your Battery Laptop

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Some simple things you can do to save your laptop’s battery life!

Turn your laptop off when you’re not using it. Use hibernate or standby when you’ll be leaving the laptop turned on for a period of time, doing this, it will save all the battery it would waste if it was normally open!

Be stingy with the power. Set the power options to maximum by going to the control panel, clicking “power options” and choosing “max battery”. Also try to and dim the screen to the lowest level, but be careful to dim it to a level that you’ll be able to see, because if it is too dimmed then you may find it difficult to read something through your laptop’s screen!

Don’t charge everything. Though they seem small, portable devices like MP3 players can quickly drain battery power. Avoid using your laptop battery to charge these, you had better charge them with other chargers!

Choose your activities. Programs like word processing and email use far less power than playing DVDs or CDs and gaming. Avoid running non-essential programs while on battery power.

Use it up and recharge it. Use it until you get the “low battery” warning, then charge it fully. Also, don’t leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. The battery should be fully discharged ar least one time per month!

Resist the urge to multi-task. The more programs you have up and running, the more power the laptop will use. Close all the programs you’re not currently using. Notice what programs run from the start-up and close the everything that you don’t need.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Laptop batteries are designed to function properly within a few degrees of room temperature. Avoid using or charging your laptop in hot or cold conditions. Likewise, try to keep the internal temperature down by keeping the fan free and clear for proper ventilation.

Add more RAM if it is possible! Your hard drive will contribute to draining your battery. If you have insufficient RAM, the machine will be constantly writing information to the hard drive. Add more RAM to minimize hard drive access and power usage.

I hope I helped you to understand the best ways to save your laptop’s battery life!  


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