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New Vocabulary Learning by Using Interesting Fast Food Facts

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Learning new vocabulary by using interesting stories is a very funny thing.

When people learn new words it is a good idea to connect these words with something logical, interesting or funny. In such a way learning is much more pleasure than trying to remember the word at any price. Because of that reason the following article is written.

Interesting fast food facts

These interesting stories are about chips, the pizza and the sandwich.

It is a fact that South American Indians ate potatoes 4 000 years ago. Potatoes arrived in Europe nearly 5 centuries ago but they were not popular at first. People did not eat them for a very long time because they thought that the potatoes were poisonous. The most popular fast food is “French fries”- or in the United States of America, just ”fries”. The British people call them “chips”. The traditional British fast food is “fish and chips” which is very tasty at any time of the year.

The pizza is linked to the name of a baker called Raffaele Esposito from Naples, Italy. This baker invented the modern pizza in 1889 because of the following reason: the king and the queen went to Naples and the baker wanted to surprise them.

The word “sandwich” is closely linked to the name John Montagu. This man loved playing cards with his friends. When he was in London he played cards most of the time. One day in 1762 he was very hungry. Of course, he wanted to continue playing the card game.  So he took two pieces of bread and a piece of meat. He quickly put the meat between the bread and made the first sandwich in the world. It is no doubt that he did not know what he had done. Why is the name of this thing “sandwich”. The answer is very easy. Because the other name of John Montagu was the Earl of Sandwich.

So, thanks to the earl of Sandwich nowadays people eat sandwiches all over the world. Today sandwiches are not only pieces of bread and meat but also they are decorated with different tasty ingredients.


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