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How to Recycle Onion Mesh Bags

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Mesh Produce Bag crafts


I thought it was interesting to search for crafts made from some unusual materials. As I stumbled upon one made from onion mesh bags, I decided to begin by this. I’m sure there are much more crafts using it, but that’s all I could find. I hope this can give someone a bit of inspiration.

Beautiful card

I love this card and I think it is so good that we can hardly imagine what the net really is, an onion mesh bag.

Recycle, repurpose, reuse

Nice embellishments using a red onion bag. A good idea to create volume in the layout using recycled materials.

Greenie Pot Scrubber

Crocheting white cotton yarn combined with netting strips. I would never think about making my own pot scrubbers! But it’s a pretty cool idea.

An eco-friendly greenie that you can scrub your dishes with

Hair Ornaments

Two beautiful fascinators! No one would ever believe that they were made with onion net.

The veil is a mesh bag that onions came in

  • Onion Top Fashion Week Ventura chose a green/recycled theme, inspiring a fascinator made of things destined for the landfill. The veil is a mesh bag that onions came in,

Recycled Plastic Bag Purse Workshop

a workshop announcement about plastic bags recycling with a photo where we can see the utilization of an onion net.

Ribbon & beads & mesh

A piece of artwork for an Wearable Art Show made with red net 

wearable art

Crochet Your Own Reusable Mesh Produce Bag!

A step by step tutorial for a reusable produce bag made from a mesh onion bag and some simple crochet

How to Make a Soap Holder out of a Bag of Onions

As always, the instructables have cool ideas for handmade products.

Water Purse

Another onion bag craft, useful and easy to do.

Bird Nest Kit Kid Craft

How to help birds doing their nests by collecting some items inside an onion mesh

Ballerina Finger puppets

How to do finger dolls with a nice “tulle tutu” made of onion produce bag

Urchin scrubbie

One more scrubbie made with mesh and cotton crocheted.

Tutorial: Make a Yarn Wig from a Mesh Produce Bag

You can make the yarn in this wig as long as you want, and braid it or style it.

Last but not the least..

I think these two following articles are very interesting and useful.

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