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How to Create a Bebo Profile

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How to Create a Bebo Profile

Bebo is one of many social networking sites and it the words represent “blog early, blog easy” where you can share updates, photos and blogs about almost anything and it was founded in January of 2005 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California by husband and wife Michael and Xochi Birch.  The site is available in seven different languages: English, Polish, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, but the most used is being the English one.

In 2008 AOL bought it out and now is the parent company of bebo

To create a bebo profile go first to the website

Once you are on the page click on the left hand side, almost at the bottom of the page where it says: “Sign Up”

Then you will be brought to a page that will ask for your information

Type in the blank boxes with your name and last name, your e-mail address, your password, gender and date of birth (you can also opt to hide your date of birth so that the public, but it is important to insert it because you need to be a certain age to have the account)

And now type the security word and click sign up, this will bring you to a page where you can invite friends from your e-mail account or you can skip to the next step.

The last step you can insert your basic information, a description of yourself, education and work details and now your account has been created.


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