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Haunted Castles In America

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When you think of castles, Europe often comes to mind. But here in America, is home to some of the most haunted, unexplainable spooky medieval castles you’ll find.

Bannerman’s Castle

Our first destination will take us to Bannerman’s Castle. Long before it was built, the mysterious haunting stories were told about the location of the Bannerman’s Castle. Bannerman’s Castle is located on an island in the Hudson River. Throughout history, back with the Native Americans, that island held a haunting reputation. It is believed to be haunted by goblins.

The Preston Castle

The Preston Castle is located in Ione, California. It was built in 1890 with a Romanesque Revival style. This building originally housed juvenile offenders with the purpose and intent of rehabilitation. It is one of the most well known reformation schools. Throughout the years, several haunting had taken place at the Preston Castle. There is a cemetery on the grounds to house all t he people who had passed away while living at the Preston Castle. The spirits of the deceased linger on the grounds. People report feeling uncomfortable emotions and cold spots while at the castle grounds. Within the castle, there are unusual sounds, voices, smells, emotional states, and even full body apparitions have been experienced in this haunted castle.

Grey Towers Castle

Grey Towers Castle is located 25 miles from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It was built in 1892 by William Welsh Harrison. In 1893, a fire destroyed most of the building, but Harrison rebuilt it in the following years. There are a few stories that surround this castle and the Harrison family. One story is that Mr. and Mrs.  Harrison did not get along well and lived on separate ends of the castle. Mr. Harrison had many affairs with servants and when Mrs. Harrison caught him, she took the servant to a room in a tower and beat her to death. To this day, the servants’ bloodstains cannot be removed from the floor. In a third floor bedroom, there is a mirror above a fireplace mantle that cracks every time it is replaced. In addition, many sections of the castle are sealed off.

 Franklin Castle

The Franklin Castle is found in Cleveland Ohio. It was built in 1865 by Hannes Tiedemann. This was soon the start to some inexplicable deaths. In 1881, Hannes daughter, Emma, died due to diabetes. Short while later, her mother passed away. During the next three years, Hannes would bury three more children. These deaths gave rise to speculation that there was something about the deaths and not mere coincidence.

For the next several years, Hannes had done reconstruction on the castle. On the inside, he added secret passages, concealed rooms, and hidden doors. Outdoors he put up gargoyles and turrets. These renovations provided the castle with its eeriness. One of the hidden rooms was thought to house liquor during the prohibition. Another room had over a dozen baby skeletons. Even though foul play is ruled out, it is unknown why the bones are there.

The Beardslee Castle

The Beardslee Castle is located in Little Falls, New York. It was built in 1860 by Augustus Beardslee. Today, it is being used as a restaurant. A couple ghostly figures haunt this castle. The first is a woman who dresses all in white. She is known as the ‘lady in white’. There is also a male figure who haunts this castle as well. It is believed they are the Beardslee family members. People have also whitnessed moving objects, electrical interference, noises and shadows.


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