Friday, December 15


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What do people expect when they go to college? I really don’t know? Some kids want to party and get wasted, they see it as an opportunity to party and do everything that they can’t do around parents. But there is that percentage of kids who want to do good in school so that they can be successful in life. The percentage of those kids is probably 40% in my opinion the other 60% loves to party, get wasted, and not show up to class. Those kids are the ones that u want to avoid at all costs, u do not want to get pulled into that crowd.

Many kids do get pulled into these crowds and never come out, these kids are the same kids that drink in high school, many of them are the popular kids, some are not, but u never know who is doing what and with who? I am suprised at times, people that you would have never expected.

In my lifetime so far i have seen kids wasted, but not in person, i am not that type of person, i have seen kids wasted on facebook and drinking until they can barely walk, i hear stories daily and i think thank goodness that isnt me that they are talking about, i think it is disgusting when a girl gets wasted and doesn’t remember anything the next day, that just shows that they are irresponsible and there parents did not raise there kids right.

Message to all parents, Find out what your kids are doing all the time, u r not being over protected, u r being good parents to your children


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