How to Gain New Friends

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Every one of us wants to belong to a friend or group of friends to express some things that we cannot share to our family. I am sure we all pass to that stage that we are unable to share to our mom and dad other secrets of adolescent that we can easily share with our buddies because we know or we thought they can understand better than our parents. During high school we had better friends that college time. And during the first work we met some new friends as well but there are those friends who stick with us through the years. How to meet new and good friends, establish relationships and keep them for life? Here’s some facts.

a.)    When meeting strangers don’t be an open book right away. Don’t be aloof or a snob, get his/her name and other stuff about the person. One thing that is so discouraging for a prospect friend is someone who opens up right away. It is so awkward for the other person, while there are some who can take the accuracy. But it is better to give just enough information.

b.)    Don’t forget to smile – smiling makes you look approachable, even if you are not attractive at all. A smile can soften your aura and making you look kind.

c.)    Don’t tag him/her along like a dog making him/her look like your servant – you shouldn’t force him/her to do anything she/he doesn’t like. Because if she does that to you, the feelings are never good –it’s like you’re being taken advantaged of or exploited.

d.)    Don’t go with a person that is totally opposite to you – choose a friend with similar hobbies, wants and other aspects of life and make sure they are good influence. If you choose your friends, you are sure you get good friends than just random friends.

e.)    Do not bend over just to satisfy a friend. If she/he makes you do things you do not like, say NO so she/will never learn to abuse you.

f.)     Treat her special – if it’s birthday, give a simple present, a hug or anything that would make her feel good about herself. You shouldn’t take a friend for granted. Remember the Confucius saying : Do unto others what you want others do unto you and vice versa.

g.)    Mean your sorry – if you have some mistakes or you missed dinners or hangouts say sorry and mean it. Do not say sorry and then do it again and again.

h.)    Be a good friend as well – If you know what she do is wrong don’t tolerate say something even it will make her go away from you. If she goes away because you said something she’s not a true friend. A true friend is someone that is a good listener and always celebrates on the betterment of the other.

i.)     Don’t be too curious and do foolish things – say another peer talked about drugs and you already know it’s wrong, don’t try to mess with it coz you cannot only destroy your friendship but your life.

j.)     Be there when they need you  – specially in emotional part, love life or family life, friends need help and if we should be there to listen and not direct them. Sometimes problematic people just needs someone to talk to and not someone to command what to do.

h.) Don’t demmand, be independent.

Having great friends that will stick in years is really great but remember to know the world “let go” because change is the only permanent in the world.


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