How to Feel Better During Times of Problems

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You always hear people saying, “Be positive” or “Positive things happen to positive people”; but the question is still circling how to do it? How to be positive in life? If you try to read some ebooks about Law of Attraction it is more about optimism. When you think of positive good thoughts, you attract them in your life. But if you think  of always negative, then your life will be full of misfortune.

I was one of those people who circle the globe, every morning I used to wake up at the wrong side of the bed and then everyday my life is like that. I felt that my life is stuck but I always want to do better in life but then I don’t manifest it in my thoughts and in my actions. Until one day, I felt that my life was really out of control. I feel depressed or no way out in my life and no chance to be happy, but actually my sub-conscious part of the brain just over exaggerates all incidents in my life and the events in my life.

All of us have sub-conscious I call it my inner child. If you keep on feeding it with bad things it would eventually make it a habitual and will manifest in your actions. As the saying goes, watch your thoughts it can be your words, watch your words it can be your actions, watch your actions it can be your habit, watch your habits it can be destiny. The good thing to do is to train your brain, be determined to think of good thoughts as often as possible. Make sure to feel good all the time; you can fake it. Sometimes when we’re sad and we try to act like happy and jump for joy, later you would feel happy.

They say the number of days to have a habit is 21 days, this is enough for your brain and train your sub-conscious to think of positive things over and over again and forms a habit.

Learn the art of relaxation and meditation, listen to free meditation music or other guided meditation to help you how to relax your body and drop your worries. Trust me, meditation works and it is really effective in taking away stress. Your brain is overworked and when it does you cannot feel the happiness anymore. But if you do meditation for at least 3 weeks in a row, you would feel the peace that you need.

Have support from your friends and family, don’t be a loner. You can divert your attention and feel the warmth and presence from friends including their sympathy. When you try those suggestions, you would learn to let go of your problems.


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