How to be happy in your life

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Many people are aiming and praying to be happy. What they do not know happiness is a journey and not a destination. Every good things in the world is already provided for us and it’s up to us to work for happiness. There’s no such thing as instant happiness, it is something to be attained. Here are some of the how to’s :

  • a.)    Be true to yourself – don’t pretend if you do not like a situation. You can withdraw with a person that cannot satisfy you. You can change job. You can choose friends. You can do what you want if you only listen to your guts. If you think people, things and events in your life are not soothing your wants and doesn’t give you happiness let them go and think of better ways.
  • b.)    Apathy – this is being indifferent, insensitive, uncaring, not sympathetic. If there are times that you cannot avoid certain people, certain incidence from happening in your life be apathetic. Let them go and let them not be absorbed by you. If your neighbor loves to gossip, don’t add up to the gossiping but just be indifferent. Tell her you have a lot of things to do inside your house. If there is a crisis happening, don’t let it absorb you just go on and move on with your life.
  • c.)    Always think positive – think of good thinks and not the opposite. When you think you have less money in your pocket, don’t say “I don’t want to be poor” coz you’ll become poor eventually. Say I wanna be rich or I have more than enough money for everything. You’ll notice you’ll attract a lot of good things, gifts and good people in your life that could improve your financial aspect.
  • d.)    Start your day with hopes – by the time you wake up, stretch your muscles with hopes and thoughts of abundance in your brain. You’ll suck more energy than waking up with bad mood. If you start your day with good more, you’ll end it with good mood and people around you will love you more.
  • e.)    Always smile – nobody wants to be with snob people. It is so uncomfortable to be with people who love frowning. You cannot sell your products if you are not marketable enough. Smile makes some people’s day, smile and the world smiles with you.
  • f.)     Be thankful about what you have – count your blessings. You might not recognize you have a lot of things in life that you neglected and be thankful of because you were busy complaining. Stop whining about what you don’t have instead be thankful about what you have and every thing that will come in your life will be blessings.
  • g.)    Stop comparing – this kills your self-esteem, trust, and confidence. Accept people for who they are and don’t compare them for other better people. You are not best anyways; there will always be better and worse than you. Be contented of what you have and work for what you want.

Happiness depends on the person. If he wants happiness in his life, he has to manifest it in his actions. To receive, feel and be happy is to do happy things to others.


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