Thursday, December 14

How To Help Your Child Become More Organized

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These are some steps to help you and your child keep up with their home work assignments, books, test dates, etc. These steps will show you how to turn your disorganized child into an organized student.

Make sure that you communicate with your child’s teacher.  In doing so the teacher can also encourage and help the student at school to keep their desk and paper work organized.

One of the first tools your child should have is a bookbag.  This will allow your child to place all of their items in one place.  Remind your child they are to place all of their required items back into their bookbag. 

Make sure your child have folders for each subject or if your child’s teacher will allow your child too possibly use one big notebook binder.  If the teacher allows this the child should have each subject divided and labeled with tabs.   An example of this would be a tab labeled Math, one for Reading, one for Social Studies, etc.

After each homework assignment is completed the student should place it in the proper folder or notebook binder in the proper labeled section.  Once the child does this they should place notebook(s) or binder back into their bookbag.  After the student has completed all of their homework they can have their parent to check it. After checking it the parent will place the homework back into the proper folder and place it back into the bag.  You can then place the bookbag by the door.  This will help the child remember to carry it with them.

Your child should be provided with a notebook in order to write down all of their homework assignments.  This will assure that the child has written all of their assignments in one place and it will be much easier to keep up with.  Some schools will provide a homework journal.  If your child’s teacher agrees once the student writes down their homework assignment the teacher can sign and date it.  When the child has completed the assignment, the parent can check it, sign and date the homework journal as well.  This will ensure that the student has written down their assignment correctly and the parent in return has verified the assignment is completed.  Make sure you stress to your child the importance of placing the homework journal back into the bookbag when it is not being used.

When the student has a project that needs to be completed or an upcoming test, the parent should keep a calendar on the child’s desk with the date(s) highlighted.  This will remind the parent and the student of the assignment or test. 

Help your child keep their work area clean and organized at home.  Speak with your child’s teacher on a regular basis making sure your child is following these rules at school as well.

During the process of helping your child become more organized do not expect an overnight miracle. It will take some time so be patient.  As your child becomes more organize they will need less supervision,  but still check on your child’s progress to make sure they are continuing to be persistent on keeping their items organized. 


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