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Gardening Tips: Why Gardening is The Best For Stress Relief

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These days stress is a major health problem. Gardening can help you gain some much needed stress relief on so many different levels, making it one of the best ways to wind down. Here is how and why gardening is great for stress relief.

Sunshine and Fresh Air

It is well documented that too little sunshine is bad for us. Getting out to sit in or tend the garden will ensure you get plenty of sunlight and the fresh air in your lungs will invigorate you.


Exercise is good for stress relief and with gardening you can choose anything from a gentle potter, through mid effort grass cutting, up to a full on bout of digging. There’s nothing like attacking a plot with a spade to work through some anger or frustration.

Back to Nature

With gardening you are at one with nature which is naturally soothing to human beings. Bird song surrounds you and you could make a hobby of attracting wildlife to your garden. Put out bird feeders, create a wildlife area or create a pond either for wildlife or to keep ornamental fish in.

Creation is expression

Gardening is very personal. Every garden is different as it is a reflection of it’s creator. Gardening will bring out the artist in you and encourage you to be creative. This will have a very calming effect.

Sense of Control

As you are the creator of your garden you are the master and are in control. If you want to create a red border, you can. If you want to have a rockery, you can. This sense of control is a great stress buster.

Sense of achievement

Creating and maintaining a garden is very fulfilling. There is little more rewarding than a beautiful flower garden in midsummer which you created or tucking into a fresh home-grown salad sat at your patio table for your BBQ, surrounded by your friends, listening to them comment on how lovely your garden is.


A healthy diet is good for stress relief, and growing your own fruit and veg will ensure you have a great supply of tasty delights.


After a tough day at the office there is nothing more soothing than having somewhere to escape to away from everyone and your problems. A garden is a great escape, whether you are out pottering or sipping a glass of wine.

Gardening is simply the best form of stress relief.

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