How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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Once the zombie apocalypse begins, I hope you are somewhere safer than normal to begin with, say for instance, inside your home that is at least secure at the moment. Once you find out what’s happening, move fast. Wherever you are at the moment, take hold of anything around you that is handy to be used as a weapon, just in case. Check around to make sure everything is clear and try to lightly secure the area, i.e. locking doors and windows. Now, obtain a big bag such as a duffle bag. Items to be placed in the bag includes, but not limited to, bottled water, nonperishable foods, flashlight with spare batteries, matches (sounds stupid but quite important in many cases), an extra set of clothes, a hand radio/walkie talkies, first aid kit with plenty of aspirin, and anything else useful you can find around the place.

These are the things I’d rush for first before anything else and remember to pack light and dress in comfortable/moveable clothing. Nothing tight or too loose, I mean comeon, it is a zombie apocalypse meaning you have to run. As you are gathering items, if you happen to have a phone on you and it still works, try and contact people you know close by to see what their situation is and try to coordinate something but do this while packing, time is of the essence. To be more realistic, I’d go ahead and say you don’t have a working phone on you so you must go solo on this but if you do have a phone, just keep it on you even though it doesn’t work at the moment, but do keep it on vibrate in case it starts working. So now that everything is packed, tighten the bag on you to make sure you can run and keep everything with you. If you have a gun, good for you but do find a blunt weapon such as a bat. If you don’t have a gun, tough, have to go with the handy blunt weapon. Either way, should have the blunt handy weapon on you. Now, with everything packed and ready to go, scout the area around your home, from windows and etc. Note: should always be looking for survivors. Now, if it seems like your home is safest at this point, stay quiet and wait out. If it seems like the situation around your area would get worse and staying is a problem, try and wait for the right timing and start to head out. If you have a vehicle, I suggest not using it unless you are in a more rural area where transportation is crucial but if you are in the city where everything is more crowded, it is more dangerous as you would be an easy target. Plus, in the midst of all this chaos, the roads are probably clogged with cars so moving by foot, hiding whenever you can is much safer. Once you start to head out, another note: always be scouting the area before moving because you want to hide, move swiftly to a safe spot to hide, and move again.

Do not try and make short cuts by cutting through wide open areas. The plan is to move somewhere safe and if there is news on somewhere safe to go, make a move for that place but if there aren’t any, you should try to make it to your local gun shop, grocery store, or the most highly recommended places, a mall. Whichever place you can think of being closest and seems safer, head there. Hopefully, the hide and swift movement to hide tactic works for you. If you run into any zombie(s), hopefully you can take them down. If not, make a run for it. Nothing to do at that point but to run until you can find somewhere safe to hide. Of course, when running, try not to make too much of a commotion as that would lure more zombies. Now, lets say you reached the spot, a store, hopefully it isn’t locked down/barricaded/swarming with zombies. Enter carefully and scout the area. If lightly infested, proceed to sneak around and find a safe area in the building and hopefully, there are survivors already there to provide assistance to help in cleaning up the area and creating a somewhat safe area to stay for a while. If safe/able to be made safe, search the area for any exits/windows/openings and try and barricade it. If there are windows, attempt to cover it up so no zombies will be attracted to prevent being spotted by zombies. Make sure to attach some sort of sign to let other passing survivors to know there are people in the building. It is always better to get more surivors.

Now, once the area is safe, make sure to replenish any supplies needed into bags, for you and the survivors just in case you have unwanted guest and need to make a quick grab. Once all that is completed, all that is left is to wait out and hopefully, you have some form of a radio/anything you can get news from if the whole world didn’t get destroyed yet. Once that is settled, all you can do is make friends with the survivors and take turns patrolling the area at night and make sure to not make too much noise or commotion of any sort, obviously. If there are any big trucks or durable form of transportation, try and stock it with supplies also and try to reinforce it anyway possible just in case you need to make a run for it/start running low on supplies and need to make a move. If there are any weapons, check how much ammo you have, if it is a gun, and again, find handy weapons. Make sure the radio is always being listened to, taking turns patrolling in groups if possible, be on the lookout for survivors, and always watch your own back. You never know what kind of survivors you are with so unless they were already people you were good friends with prior to the incident, be kind and help others but always watch your own back too. This is, in the end, a guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.


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