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Ways of Making Money Online.

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*Yes I’m using referral links of my own at this article, and yes you can choose not to use them, which will make me cry and be sad.

For starters

Making money online takes time and effort. Not all methods make the money you want in seconds, so some methods take time. Don’t do only a method at a time. And the most important, don’t give up if some method isn’t working for you. Oh and a tiny hint, be original, and you find something that makes alot of money, don’t share because it will get saturated fast.

What you need

You’re going to need a and possibly an account, for most sites use them to send you your money.

Easy ways

Paid to click

Ptc(PaidToClick) is a way where you click ads, view them for usually 30 seconds and get about one cent from them. But one cent per 30 seconds, that sucks! That’s well Ptc site owners usually have a referral system. Referrals are people that join under you and you get 10 to 50 percents from their their clicking earnings. So if you’re not that good at referring people then you’re not going to make alot of money from ptc.

The oldest and best Ptc site is:

Best way to get referrals is to post to forums about your site with your referral link in the post, but don’t spam, because everybody hates spammers and that way you’re going to end up with 0 referrals.

Second way is to make a deal with someone, that you’re going to be his/hers referral and he/her is going to be you’re referral.

Pay per view

Pay per view sites such as give you a tiny code snippet that you add on your site or blog post and when somebody goes to your site it shows an ad which gives you money.

Medium ways

Link masking

Sites like and give you money for you to mask your links with their link generators. The trick is that when yoask your link and someone clicks it, it shows an ad before it redirects to your site. As with Ptc these sites also have referrals that help you earn more.

Best ways to earn with link masking is to post masked links at forums and basicly just use them all the time everywhere, but again: DON’T SPAM!

File hosting

Some sites like and give you money when some downloads a file you have uploaded there. The file can be anything, songs, games, videos anything, but note that somesites have minimum size requirements for the file you want to make money with.

Best ways to make money with file hosts is to post your file links at forums or make a video about your file.

Hard ways

File hosting

Yes I know that there’s a File hosting part at Medium ways too, but this site takes alot more effort and time, but it also rewards you better. This site i’m talking about is . At Sharecash you guessed it, you share files just as in Hotfile, but everytime someone downloads a file fromyou they have to fill in a small offer, which many won’t fill. And also Sharecash pays only for US and UK downloads, but it also pays upto 0.60 cents per download and yes that’s 600$ per 1000 downloads.

Now because at Sharecash it’s alot harder to gain money than the for example Uploading, I will give you a simple method for you to gain money.


I’m not going to be going into detail with how to make a torrent/rar or whatever, I’m just going to be explaining the simple method. You create a unique password, for example


You then enter this password into a text file, upload this text file onto ShareCash. The next step, password protect the .RAR with the password you just uploaded to ShareCash, so the user cannot extract the .RAR without the password, okay, but how do they get the password? By downloading the file at ShareCash, which makes you money. When I .RAR files, there are two main ways to explain how to get the password. 1. Add a .RAR comment explaining with the ShareCash download link. 2. Add a unpassword protected text file explaining with the ShareCash download link. 2. Add the passworded .RAR into a non-passworded RAR, then do the two above.

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