Celibacy In Our Society Today

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According to Merriam-Webster On Line Dictionary, Celibacy is abstention (abstaining) from sexual intercourse. Thankfully, there is a large population of women and men of all ages today practicing celibacy. I was listening to the Michael Baisden Show on 96.1 JAMZ (WHBX) in Tallahassee, FL when the topic was on celibacy. Michael asked women and men who were celibate to call the show so he can talk with them. The callers I was able to listen to have been celibate for periods ranging from one month to five years. For one reason or the other Michael was really surprised at how many people are celibate, especially men. He also asked teenage girls who were virgins to call the show to talk with him. He was again surprised at how many were not sexually active, and not being pressured to have sex.

In addition to the obvious reasons such as pregnancy, HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, these women and men callers had various reasons for being celibate, as well as advantages. These women and men decided to be celibate because of religion, divorce, bad relationships, careers, being single or just by choice. While celibate these women and men are learning about themselves, they do not have to deal with any emotional baggage and they are waiting for someone who loves them for who they are–not how they perform between the sheets. They are continuously blessed. They are establishing themselves or have established themselves and will not let another woman or man come into their world and tear it down. While learning themselves, they have learned to set standards for the woman or man they feel is worthy enough to share themselves with “completely”. If they can’t find that right woman or man, they are content with being single and continuing to be celibate.

Michael Baisden, also known as “The Bad Boy of Radio”, covers heated topics, though entertaining, enlightening and educational. He also covers topics dealing with teenagers and has them call the show to talk with him. If his nationally-syndicated radio show, “The Michael Baisden Show”, is aired in your area, I recommend you check him out. His radio show also features celebrity guests, politicians, music, music games, serious as well as joking moments, lots of fun and much more. In addition to his radio show, he’s a best-selling author, motivational speaker and has a late night talk show, “Baisden After Dark” on TV One. Again check your local listings and check him out. Michael has also created a website, www.iseecolor.com. This website is for everyone, no matter your age, race, color or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome!


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