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Gardening Tips: Looking After Roses

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Roses are a fabulous addition to the family garden. They are not only beautiful and wonderfully scented but are incredibly versatile. Roses are great in the borders, in pots, scrambling over arches or up walls and there are so many colours and types to choose from. There are sweet miniature roses, classic HT roses which are great for cutting, floribunda roses, hedging roses, multi petalled English roses, standard roses….. There is a rose for everything you need.

However roses do require a little but of looking after to keep them healthy and pest free and flowering at their best.


It is important to deadhead roses during the flowering season to keep them flowering again and again. Simply snip off those flower heads that have gone over or lost their petals.


Suckers are shoots that stem from the base of the plant or from the root system. Suckers are fleshy and straight and fast growing stems which do not produce flowers. Remove them at the base or the plant will put all it’s energy into growing the sucker rather than the main plant.

Pests and Diseases

Spray your roses regularly to keep them free of pests and diseases. Roses are often attacked by aphids, blackspot, and mildew.


If you have climbing roses that you are training up a wall or archway, tie in the new growth regularly to the supports. When the rose produces flowers it will become heavy at the tips so it is vital it is well supported to prevent damage and keep the plant growing in the direction you want it to take.


Roses will benefit from a mid summer feed in July.


If you wish to take cuttings from your roses the best time of year to do it is September. It is a great way of increasing your plant stock or you can give them as gifts to your family and friends. This method of propagation is ideal for Hybrid tea roses, floibundas, shrub and patio roses and miniatures.

For information on how to take softwood cuttings see



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