Thursday, December 14

Outsourcing Critical Copywriting

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                When it comes to writing copy, not everyone is going to be capable of learning.  In fact, many people will not be able to learn the skill beyond a certain point for any number of reasons.  This is true no matter how long one spends trying to learn, primarily because of a lack of heartfelt desire or talent.  There are ways around this block, and finding those alternate routes could be what it takes to free up a significant amount of time and energy.  How this time and energy is spent is entirely up to you, but that is the price of being where the buck stops, right?

                The first idea is to outsource the creation of copy.  There are many sites that specialize in basic copy, and some that are very focused.  Whether not these services are worthwhile is another matter entirely, as there is some debate on the subject.  On the other hand, some of these services charge a very modest fee, and that in turn means that they are cost effective so long as they are capable of generating results that are at least as good as what you could have done in the same period of time.

                Measuring performance is very difficult, but this is where services such as BoostCTR come in.  BoostCTR handles specialty 3-line advertisements in a very competitive open manner.  By linking an Adsense account to BoostCTR, it is possible for talented copywriters around the world to compete in a real world manner that will almost always result in near-immediate results.  Because the results are not tested in a digital void that is nothing but theory, but with actual customers, it is possible to accurately track how different variations on an advertisement will work.  When an existing advertisement is replaced by something better, customers win.  In this case, that means you and your business.

                BoostCTR is just the first of a new breed of copy outsourcing, and the future is looking good.  Small and medium sized businesses have never had such an easy time finding effective sources for proven-quality copy.


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