Tuesday, December 12

I’m Proud of my Father

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As you were existing in your early child age, you learned to walk and talk. The greatest moment ever be for a father is when his child say the first word that address him, “dada”, then a laughter in the heart that can’t be apprehended. The moment became more intense when your child said it for the second time around. Then you will be totally convinced that your child really know you as his/her father. The greetings of smile of a child to his father would be the greatest account on the father’s notebook.

The child is now ready for another step in the future. As the child has been introduced to the classroom of toddlers, the child’s fear and hesitation engulfed the thought of that child. The father then encourage the child to take the challenge on, though, the mother is the front-liner that always pusher her child to be the person of dignity and always on guard, ready to take the rescue but the indispensable approval of the father brings greater impact to child poor view of life, also it will give assurance of peace within the child’s heart. For a child, a father is a big superhero, and the greatest fan of this superhero would be his own child.

Here comes the children’s party in this tiny classroom, the child at first doesn’t know what to expect from the event. But as they enter the room, where the child is carried on the loving arms of his father, the child’s heart becomes so awaiting for the next event and ignites the child attitude to participate in the said party. Being assured of the tight presence of the father the child is now more focused in having fun and showing to the other kids that she/he is glad and proud of the watchful father who are there to cheer and clap for his child. The presence of a father brings peace and security to a child, being proud of his/her father that boost the heart of the faint. The more the father gives time to his child, the more bonding, the more laughter, and the greater relationship that tie between the father and a child. It is never waste of time to share to a child the father’s precious time but instead it would be the quality time that a father can have.

As the party wind down and the fragile strength of the child is becoming fainter. And asleep on the shoulder of his father not knowing what is next, perhaps the important thing to the child’s very mind that she/he is secure wherever they will go. Nothing brings security than to be on the side of a father, you can’t ever compare it to any assuring entity in this world than to be in the arms of a father.

Nothing to compare from the feeling of being proud of your father, the concept of Father’s Day is based on honoring the loving effort and untiring support of a father. Saying thank you to our father is not an option that you can select randomly, but it would be a must to every child and a responsibility to be done, duty to fulfill, also a task to carry out.  Let it be a memorable celebration this June for fathers because they deserve far more than others to receive our warmest gratitude. So make this day as pleasing to them as possible as you can and that they will feel the honor and the gratitude that you give as a gift for their benevolent action towards their children.


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