Friday, December 15

Cleaning The Bathroom in a Few Minutes

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1. Grab all the materials you need. Yeah, this is very important, because when you don’t have all what you need near you, you waste a lot of time looking for them. And if you get out of the bathroom, you’ll see a movie on TV that you want to watch, or other things and you’ll forget about your bathroom.

2. Take all your dirty clothes and put them in a basket. Don’t interrupt your work with doing other things, like throwing the rubbish etc.

3. Take all the litter, and throw it. Don’t interrupt your work with doing other things.

4. Clean the tub and sink with some wipes with disinfectant. Wear disposable gloves to protect your skin and to clean without worrying about what touch.

5. Rub inside the toilet using a toilet brush and toilet cleaner.

6. Use disinfectant to clean the exterior of the toilet.

7. Clean very carefully the mirror using either a substance for cleaning the windows, or vinegar.

8. Pick up all the things that should be in another room and put them in a box.

9. Arrange all the things as they should be (the shampoos, etc)

10. Mop the floor. If you use a mop, you’ll finish very quickly with it.

11. Put all the thngs that you used in cleaning the bathroom in a cupboard (or at their usual place).


Put all the things that you need when cleaning the bathroom in a special place and put them together, so that it would be easier to grab all these things later.

What you need is:

A basket or a bag


A bag for litter



Substance for cleaning the windows/ vinegar

Toilet brush

Toilet cleaner


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